World 1st Subterranean Farm

In glorious sunshine, the press launch of the GU farm took off this morning with a 6am start at the tunnel. Michel Roux Jr did a live interview with Sky News and he was nothing less than a pro as usual! Shortly followed reporters from Al Jazeera News, The Evening Standard, CNBC, The Express and all the usual suspects. Also covering the story were various publications spanning agricultural, hospitality and science – and we have to say having an article written about the farm in ‘I Fucking Love Science’ was particular kudos! 😉

Boris Johnson’s London SDC has also shown support and he was quoted as staying;

‘This is a fine example of the dynamic startups that are helping London lead the world in green business innovation. I want even more entrepreneurs to help create these brilliant concepts that are delivering thousands of jobs and boosting London’ Boris Johnson

This is just Phase One so although lots more work is in tow, it’s so exciting to be able to finally reveal what we have been doing for the past year – creating the World’s First Subterranean Farm! 🙂
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