V&A Talk

This August bank holiday our office manager Olivia kindly gave a talk at the stunning V&A museum on our behalf, as we were already presenting at Shambala Festival.

Olivia did a great job at the August Friday Late event which explored how a new kind of growing is springing up across our capital. It was discussed how, faced with the continuing population boom and climate change, citizens are leading the revolution in food production and helping to create a more edible city.

Amusingly entitled ‘Is Urban Farming just for Hipsters?’ the lively discussion was Chaired by Gina Lovett, with speakers from IKEA, Grow Heathrow, Growing Communities and of course ourselves. The stage also incidentally consisted of an all-female panel for a refreshing change! Yes unfortunately we still live in a world where this is not the norm.

The entire museum was alive with interactive food events with an abundance of fresh fruit and veg being made into delicious treats. There was also a tour of the rooftop V&A beehives!

A fun and informative event based on a serious issue. From community cooperatives to aquaponics and indeed hydroponics, urban farming is certainly increasing in popularity. By addressing the solutions to entrenched issues surrounding the current food system, these methods of growing are really worth considering for a more sustainable future where we can have enough food to feed the world.