The Progress 1000

We were a bit confused when we were invited to the Evening Standard’s ‘The Progress 1000: London’s Most Influential People 2016’. We must be audience, we couldn’t possibly be on the list…or maybe the invite went to the wrong address? That happens.

Well we were pretty choked and honoured to find out we were actually one of The Progress 1000: London’s Most Influential People. We were listed as ‘Social Crusaders’ and ‘Eco Warriors’ alongside the likes of John Sauven, Exec Director of Greenpeace UK and Giles Gibbons founder of Sustainable Restaurant Association!

We ironed our best shirts for what was a rather civilised evening ‘above ground’ away from the farm. Situated at the prestigious Science Museum in South Kensington the venue filled up fast with faces we’re only used to seeing on the screen; John Malkovich, Karren Brady, Cherie Booth and Robert Peston to name a few.

We sampled some delicious microgreen canapés served on tiny Evening Standard newsprint squares. We also felt compelled to try soft goats cheese between two mango discs along with small bowls of mac and cheese, curry and venison sliders!

Prince Charles was up on stage first having been awarded Londoner of Decade. He gave a witty speech on how he was regarded a bit of a quack in the early days for his love for sustainability. Whether you’re a royalist or not it’s clear to see he was way ahead of his time in a world where sustainably is now mainstream and seen as key to any venture.

We also witnessed a stunning performance by the super talented Benjamin Clementine. Then at one point we turned around to see Joanna Lumley, not surprising given her relentless work for human rights campaigns including the infamous Gurkha Justice Campaign. She was wearing some very ‘Patsy’ from Ab Fab, diamante razor blade earrings! We turned to talk to her, but were blinded by the glare of diamante as her P.A whisked her away to mingle. We won’t take that one personally Joanna. Hopefully we shall meet again someday, on Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge perhaps?

We met some equally fabulous people including Andy Ryan who founded Stellar Libraries and Cityread which promotes reading for pleasure and advocates libraries. Her innovative campaigns include theatre pop-up events across the city.

There was just time to have a chinwag and selfie with Sadiq Khan (sorry about the blurry photo clearly a new phone is needed). Sadiq graciously gave time to everyone who wanted to talk to him – which was quite a lot as you can imagine! All in all fantastic evening meeting some fascinating people and we are just thrilled to be in The Progress 1000: London’s Most Influential People 2016! ?