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New office! New office!

…So our new on-site office has arrived!! These past few weeks, in preparing the site for expansion there’s been hard graft, heavy lifting and metal splinters getting stuck in our beards or gently cascading off our bald heads. However in the process we have had such a positive response from the locals passing by which has been really lovely.

The office is all wired up now thanks to Darryl from Bert Electrics. We have all bagsied our work spaces, been putting up reclaimed IKEA furniture (aka reclaimed from our flats!), are taking turns in the kitchenette and even made the girlfriend cry when she saw photos of the new office! (yeah we’re not sure about her!)

We are thrilled though as it’s a bit of a milestone for us, it’s been two years of building the farm, creating ‘Growing Underground’ and working from office space in Brixton or from home until now. It’s great to see the business moving forward and to now have the ground work being done at, well, ground level which is making working on the farm so much more efficient and productive …but this is just the beginning! 🙂

Caution: Farmers at Work!

Lots have happened in the last couple of weeks including the fact that we have a new farm manager, Gabe, on board who has proved to be a very welcome member of the team! We continue to tend to the farm, however as promised, we have all been getting down and dirty, preparing the site for expansion which given the scale and location, both above and below ground, is more than a bit of a task. As well as ‘farm manager’ duties, we’re quite sure Gabe is thrilled to have joined us at this pivotal point which allows him to add painter, decorator and general muscle man to his CV 😉

The site generally hasn’t had much TLC since WW2 so it’s all proving very challenging but we’re enjoying the team work, banter and seeing it all come together. Here we are sweating, carrying wood and handling ‘man tools’ as we (along with Gabe and intern Jordan) rub sun lotion over ourselves. All in the name of undertaking the ‘above ground’ work of preparing the yard and laying the foundations for what will be the farm office at surface level…

Temporary office Space

There was only so much cappuccino we could drink and there is only so long we could nurse a camomile tea sitting in Costa. So fellow London Leader, Dirk Bischof, of One Planet Ventures, has provided us with office space in his sustainable incubator in Brixton. We will work from here until we are able to build an on site office at the farm…hmm nervous smiles as launch day draws near?