San Sebastián 3 of 3: Zuberoa

Finally we treated ourselves to lunch at the Michelin Star restaurant Zuberoa, where the lovely maître dee Rosa guided us through our meal with first class service in the matt black painted walls of the elegant establishment. Though often complex in ingredients and technique, the dishes allowed each of the subtle flavours to flow through giving a full taste sensation to the palette – many matched with micro herbs!

We sampled a delicate mushroom and seafood emulsion followed by roasted lobster tail in a coconut cream topped with basil, asparagus and beautiful purple garlic flower. Hake with miniature runner beans and parsley in a lemon sauce also made it to our table as did as pork and lamb perfectly paired with fragrantly dressed salads, each accompanied by sommelier-chosen Basque wine. For dessert the strawberry and tomato gazpacho sorbet exploded mind blowing flavours of fruitiness and savoury throughout our mouths then a dark chocolate sponge with pink grapefruit sorbet! Finishing on a shot of grappa over ice, we were lucky enough to meet the down to earth, chef extraordinaire, Hilario Arbelaitz who has promised to visit our farm next time he is in London!

We had wonderful time in San Sebastián, we were blessed with great weather in a gorgeous place and delicious pintxos, rioja, award winning tortillas and Michelin star restaurant alike! But now as Soul II Soul once said, ‘Back to life, Back to reality!’ 🙂