San Sebastián 2 of 3: Kasino

One day we ventured into the hills of stunning Lesaka to the restaurant Kasino, where friendly staff welcomed us into the beautiful garden terrace and where an old lady has been cooking multi-award-winning tortillas for years! With a starter of local deer pate and quince, she did not disappoint – the delicious tortilla was cooked to perfection with soft potatoes complete with squidgy running interior. The simple white asparagus and mouthwatering tomato salad came a close second making you realise why tomatoes are categorised as a fruit! You could almost taste the passion with which the fantastic wholesome food was cooked and we felt very privileged to be eating there.

Now, the tortilla lady seemed to be more enthused about having her pic taken with me than my girlfriend. However, Jerina soon got her own admirer outside the restaurant in an characterful old man who, though speaking in Basque fully communicated his love for Basque Country (and her!) He directed us to the magnificent San Martín de Tours church both Gothic and Baroque and oh what a find!