Raymond Blanc RHS Chelsea

So.. Raymond Blanc asked us to grow custom designed micro herb gardens and terrariums for Jardin Blanc at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show! He previously visited us at Growing Underground where he was very excited at the sight of our underground farm – he was equally impressed at the taste of our micro herbs too of course! You can see just how excited he was here:

Just having the legend down on the farm was awesome enough but to have him then request a growing project for Jardin Blanc, official hospitality at the upcoming RHS Chelsea Flower Show was something else.

The ‘A Team’ Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events were on the case and it was a hectic run up to the annual event. At the crack of dawn each morning we raced our micro herbs across to Chelsea, grown with meticulous precision to make sure each micro herb was not only delicious and fresh but also aesthetically synchronised for the beautiful terrariums they were to adorn.

Jardin Blanc met Alice in Wonderland as guests entered the foliage arch into the beautiful concealed floral garden. Raymond’s guests sat around tea tables and cut the micros for their delightful plates prepared by top chefs. Thanks for thinking of us Raymond and of course to RHS Chelsea and Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events who made it all happen!

Raymond Blanc has since released a thank you to all the partners involved in Jardin Blanc describing Growing Underground as “a wonderful project close to my heart”

You can read his full thank you message here

Main image Sodexo Prestige Venue and Events