GU Farm Launch

You may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet of late in terms of the farm. Well, that’s because we’ve been just a little bit preoccupied with finalising the build of Phase One! Today we’re thrilled to officially reveal the completed streamlined farm, lush with microgreens.Unfortunately yes, this means you may be seeing our mugs cropping up on your TV screens and newspapers today and indeed this week – sorry about that! However Michel Roux Jr shall also be making appearances so consider your eye candy quota fulfilled.

But seriously, this is a very exciting and emotional time for us, it’s been a lot of hard work, trials and tribulations which we couldn’t have gotten through without your support.

Thank you for helping us create the world’s first subterranean farm! Tunnels that 70 years ago contained beds to house Londoners now contain beds to feed Londoners.