G’s Fresh Salads visit

We recently visited G’s Fresh Salads, our corporate investor, farm near Cambridge. We were greeted by Daniel Cross (MD) and the rest of the board at G’s HQ in Barway before being shown around their vast operation.

It was less ‘field to fork’ and more ‘field to gob’ for us that day as we were lucky enough to sample the ubiquitous, some say boring, iceberg lettuce straight from the field! The moist leaves with their crisp, crunchy texture and deliciously refreshing flavour was definitely a good sign that we had partnered with folk who know more than a thing or two about growing crops well. Anyone who can make an iceberg lettuce taste that good is a true expert and we also sampled beetroot that tasted unlike any other.

Just goes to show there are benefits not just nutritionally but also in taste in getting crops to the customer swiftly, which accounts for G’s efficient harvesting process and is also why our crops can be on the customers plate within 4 hours of being picked (sorry shameless plug!). Apart from the obvious environmental advantages, it simply makes for a heightened food experience!

All in all it was a fascinating day with a great bunch of guys, and us being slightly nerdy, were rather captivated by the tech involved in G’s impressive propagation, germination, sowing and packing operations. We ended the day inspired, before being packed off on the train back to London with flavoured beetroot still lingering on our taste buds (and a probably a bit on our faces too :))