Kellogg’s Advertisement

You may recognise the recent ‘Grow with Kellogg’s’ TV campaign which is giving away seeds to encourage kids to grow their own veg. You may not know that Kellogg’s asked us here at Growing Underground to set up the seedling time lapse sequence.

If you saw our initial Growing Underground crowdfunding film pitch last year, you will be aware that we are rather fond of a time lapse sequence! 😉 So it was great to be asked by Sarah Gardner (production manager at Tantrum Productions) to consult for such an established company as Kellogg’s.

Back in March we headed down to Tantrum Productions in Soho where a great tech and production team helped us set up the studio for the timelapse sequence. This involved building the set from scratch, setting up growing benches, installing our led lights, hydroponically planting rocket and setting up cameras to film the time lapse.

We spent the period of a month visiting the set twice weekly to make sure all was going smoothly. Our farm manager Gabe did a fab job of overseeing the production on the ground whilst our horticultural consultant Chris Nelson oversaw and advised off set to make sure the rocket was looking ‘TV ready’!

It was a privilege to be asked to consult on this project, see our work come to fruition on TV and also fun to be growing ‘over ground’ for a change!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots which you can click to enlarge and click here for the finished Kellogg’s TV advertisement!