Green Business Forum 2017

Richard will be speaking at the annual Green Business Forum this Wednesday at UCL which focuses on embedding sustainability within small to large scale businesses. He will be explaining how the Growing Underground farm reduces water, waste and energy consumption as well as what the future holds for the business, green tech and society as a whole.

The event will lay the path on how to set up a sustainable business along with the associated challenges, how brands market sustainability and the wider Corporate Social Responsibility in within multinational corporations.

You will also be treated to these fascinating speakers at the event:

Javier Rojo: Founder of Quantum Waste on transforming food waste into organic fertiliser to delivers significant social, environmental and commercial advantages.

Ed Gillespie: Co-founder of Futerra, on marketing sustainability and the reasons why firms are moving beyond the standard requirements to become for ‘ethical businesses.’

Ed Shepard: Ben & Jerry’s on their pledge to fighting climate change and supporting Unilever with it’s Sustainable Living Plan. Ed is a social mission manager working on B&J’s environmental and social responsibilities.

Dr Sam Randalls (UCL Geography lecturer) will then lead a panel discussion and Q&A with all of the speakers.

The event will be rounded up by Professor Paul Ekins, Director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, followed by open-end networking.

Tickets are free but you must book to reserve a seat here!