Caleb Harper visit

We got a surprise knock at the office today by the one and only Caleb Harper! He was over from MIT for this year’s WIRED 2015 Next Generation event in London and decided to drop us a visit. The farm certainly looks very different from he first visited it last year after meeting him at The Vertical Farm and Urban Agriculture Conference 2014 His enthusiasm is infectious and it’s great to see how excited he is to see the farm today!

It’s such a flattering compliment that he would take time out to see us and given his expertise in the field (no pun intended) to come and see us! We’re so excited that’s he excited about our sustainable farm!

He had this to say on Twitter:

@calebgrowsfood: More to come later but had to say thanks to @GrownUnder for the tour! #mindblown these guys are ones to watch!!