AllBright Sustainable Food

This morning, Olivia our Business Development Director took part in the all women iTour, iCook : Sustainable Food Breakfast Panel. Hosted by Sabrina Gidda, AllBright Global Executive Chef. The event championed the UK’s female future thinkers innovating in art, mobility, fashion and food at AllBright Mayfair.


The session was framed around the conversation of sustainable food and supply chains. Olivia highlighted developments in food innovation such as our farm and gave an insight into what the future holds in an inevitable agricultural revolution. A fascinating discussion of ideas and innovation also came from food wastage minimisers such as Waste Knot, Rubies in the Rubble, and apps such as Karma and ethical suppliers such as Paxton & Whitfield and Ginger Pig.


The event took part of AllGreen, a week of specially curated and programmed events and activations to explore the role sustainability plays in women’s lives, from work and finance to tech and design. The aim is to collaborate with experts across key industries to inspire and highlight businesses bringing sustainability to the forefront of daily conversation.